How to maintain texturized curly hair?

All hair types need attention to stay beautiful, healthy and full of life. And if you have curls, there are some specific cautions that should be taken into consideration. Do you want to know what they are? So come learn how to take care and maintain texturized curly hair the right way!

Use specific products

Anyone who wants to take care of texturized hair needs to start by knowing a little more about the curl of their hair and what type of hair they have. This is the first step in finding products that are specific to these features and will have much better results on your curls.

Follow a Hair Schedule

If you are looking to take care for texturized hair, you will not be able to escape a good hair schedule, a care routine that involves moisturizing, nourishing and rebuilding. With this, the schedule can replace water, nutrients, lipids and proteins that hair loses daily.

caring for curly hair

Keep the cut up to date

Do you want long hair? Healthy? Very pretty? So one of the secrets is to cut your hair!

Yes, even if you want to parade a long and full of curls you need to keep the cut always up to remove the most damaged ends. This makes the hair stronger to grow beautiful, healthy and with well-defined curls!

Caring for Curly Hair: Use Texturing Techniques

There are several techniques to finish your hair and make your curls even more voluminous, defined and beautiful. These tricks are also important for those who are in hair transition, and still have two textures in their hair: natural and straightened. With damp and detangled hair, apply your favorite combing cream.

Care at bedtime

Curls require care even at bedtime. To keep them beautiful and set longer you can choose to sleep with a satin cap or a pillowcase of the same fabric.

Run away from hot water

Hot water accelerates dryness of hair, and no one wants dry, dull, lifeless curls, right? To prevent this from happening, always wash your hair with warm or cold water!

texturized curly hair

Protect hair from heat

When we talk about the heat of dryers, flat iron, modelers and even solar heat the principle is the same as that of hot water. They all make curly hair even drier.

Bet on wetting

Wetting is one of the best friends of curly-haired housewives. This procedure based on the application of vegetable oil to the hair as a way to replace lipids, i.e. fat.

Retire the towel

Traditional towels contribute to the incidence of frizz, especially when we rub them on the scalp as we used to. The solution? Use a lightweight fabric or even paper towel to remove excess water from your hair!