How long does it take tattooed eyebrows to heal? Our Answers?

Eyebrow tattoo is a cosmetic procedure in which a special color pigment applied under the skin with a needle. The duration of the eyebrow tattoo session is about 2 hours. The color remains bright and does not wash out for a long time – 2-3 years, depending on a number of factors. That’s why tattooing is loved – it allows you to simulate eyebrows that are ideal in shape, rich in color, that will not wash off or fade.

Therefore, the healing rate depends on the following factors:

The individual characteristics of your body. If you do not have medical contraindications for the procedure, the skin is not prone to allergic reactions and scarring, you allowed using the procedure (for details, see contraindications in advance). Usually, time for tattooed eyebrows to heal is 5-8 days. It is better to apply pigment on an inconspicuous part of the body in advance to find out if it will cause allergies. Perhaps your skin itself characterized by a long healing period of wounds and bruises – in this case, focus on the features of your body.

The skills of the specialist who performs the procedure and the tools used to apply the drawing. Tools should be designed specifically for tattooing and permanent makeup, not for tattooing, this is important! The needles must be sterile, the master – with gloves, so as not to infect the infection.

From eyebrow care after tattooing. Immediately after the process, a layer of ointment applied to the eyebrows, which protects the wounds. Sometimes, depending on the individual characteristics of the body and skin, antihistamines or antibiotics prescribed. During this period, before the formation of crusts, you cannot wash your face, visit the bathhouse, pool and solarium and use decorative cosmetics. After crusting (usually 3-4 days), eyebrow treatment is performed as needed.

For best healing, use the following tips:

Choose a cool time of the year for the procedure, when you spend a minimum of time under the scorching sun (which is prohibited in the first few days after tattooing), as well as when you sweat less and there is a reduced amount of dust and natural allergens in the air. It will be easy even in terms of eyebrow tattoo healing.

Do not neglect the care recommendations and do not peel off the crusts. Do not sunbathe, do not brush your eyebrows and do not dye during the tattooed eyebrows healing process with decorative cosmetics!

Tattooing should be done during the period when you are healthy, do not take potent medications and before critical days.

Do not judge the result immediately after the session. After about a month, you need to resolve the issue of the need for correction. Take care of the eyebrows, and they will delight you with their amazing view for a long time!