About Donna

Donna Bunce has been covering the goings on of Orange County for more than 20 years as executive editor and journalist for two Orange County lifestyle publications – Coast Magazine and Newport Beach [714] Magazine – as well as society columnist for The Orange County Register.  Bunce’s 30 years of volunteer work with nonprofits, through serving in board leadership positions as well as chairing major fundraisers, has sparked a passion in her to continually work to highlight the often unnoticed efforts of corporate and community leaders and philanthropists.  Donna is a lover of music, books, history, cats, cheetos, cooking, the color red, and her wonderful husband.  She can also truthfully answer the time old question and testify that yes, blondes do have more fun.

Donna on the Town.  Fabulous Events.  Fabulous Causes.  Fabulous Orange County.

3 thoughts on “About Donna”

  1. Great blog! How do we send info to you? Dan Pittman

  2. Awesome site Donna!!!! Congrats!

  3. Linda Thauer said:

    Hi Donna, So enjoying your blog! Fabulous! I want to send you an invitation to the 10th Annual Scholarship Luncheon benefiting Orangewood Children’s Foundation on June 4. Where do I e-mail to you? this is put on by 44 Women for Children, a dynamic group of women founded by Susan Samueli in 1998. Hope to hear from you soon!

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