I’m sure you’ve probably seen Baz Luhrmann’s film version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby by now. I’m always a sucker for period dramas and this one had a little more panache than usual. Tiffany & Co. was involved with the film, to the tune of providing all the jewelry for it and with the film’s heroine, Daisy Buchanan, fairly dripping in baubles, let’s just say the jewelry took your breath away! Kudos to the 176-year-old luxury house of all things beautiful.

The jewelry designed and created for the movie by Tiffany craftsmen was exquisite. I could just imagine myself dancing on the terrace of Jay Gatsby’s mansion wearing those magnificent jewels. The diamond headpiece would look gorgeous on me, as would the tasseled pearl necklace. And, I would wear the “Daisy Hand Ornament,” as Tiffany called it, with great joy. Handcrafted of diamonds and platinum with a bracelet of freshwater cultured pearls, it is spectacular!


I’m told the entire Tiffany collection designed for the film was sold out by the time the film hit the theaters. No surprises there. However, the jewelry is available once again, so take a trip to South Coast Plaza and view the stunning collection of Gatsby jewels. Tiffany has also launched its renowned Blue Book Collection, which first published in 1845. It annually features drop-dead gorgeous jewelry created by its master designers. This year’s collection of 200 dazzling creations was inspired by the Roaring 20s and the Jazz Age – a la the Gatsby era – and features a stunning selection of jewelry, as witnessed by the Daisy Medallion Pendant with a 3.60-carat cushion-cut Tiffany yellow diamond with diamonds and pearls pictured below. It is only available at the New York City Tiffany’s but can be accessed through the local Tiffany’s here.

So, go to Tiffany South Coast Plaza and find your inner Daisy. We all have a little bit of the fabled princess in all of us!

dasiy medallion