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Joining me for a photo at Orange County Museum of Art's Art of Dining was the iconic filmmaker and visual artist David Lynch

Joining me at Orange County Museum of Art’s Art of Dining was the iconic filmmaker and visual artist David Lynch

Who knew David Lynch could paint? As the infamous co-creator of the ’90’s television series Twin Peaks, which I remember viewing with rapt attention, I thought filmmaking was his forte. As honored guest at the Orange County Museum of Art’s annual Art of Dining, Lynch, with that same thatch of hair, now white, quickly informed me, “I fell in love with painting at age 14 and painting led to filmmaking.” So, the museum had selected not only a legendary filmmaker but also an accomplished visual artist.

I must tell you the event really captured Lynch’s quirky, moody artistic nature, thanks to event designer Sunny Ravanbach of White Lilac fame. An avid Lynch fan (she was so overcome when she met him, she started crying), Ravanbach told me she wanted to pay homage to Lynch not just as a filmmaker but also as the total artist. The Balboa Bay Resort’s ballroom was brilliantly transformed by the young designer by her use of reclaimed wood for the rectangular dinner tables as well as metal for the round tables covered in slate gray silk linens. The chandeliers were light bulbs mirrored on the bottom and individually hung from a rectangle of the same reclaimed wood, with mirrored boxes showcasing famous Lynch quotes and filled with fish hook succulents centering each table. Other Lynch quotes were captured in huge mirrored frames on the ballroom walls, draped in dark silk.

Chairing the august affair was a contingent of museum supporters – all beautiful women, who have been supporters for years. They included Marsha Anderson, Inga Beder, Sally Crockett, Susan Etchandy, Moira Kamgar, Twyla Reed Martin (who wore blue velvet in tribute to Lynch’s iconic film, Blue Velvet), Irene Martino, Pamela Paul, Jennifer Segerstrom and Jennifer Van Bergh. The four-course dinner was superb – kudos to the Balboa Bay Club & Resort’s Executive Chef Josef Lageder and his team – as were the wines donated by Ferrari-Caraono Vineyards and Winery and Hundred Acre Wine Group.

OCMA Director Dennis Szakacs said of Lynch, “He is an artist in very sense of the word, from his maverick sensibility in developing his films (The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, and Mulholland Drive) and the television series Twin Peaks to his soundtracks and musical compositions, his extraordinary paintings, drawings, ceramics, prints, and collages. His work is one grand project, expressed across multiple disciplines, bound together by an understanding that beauty and horror, the exalted and the banal, the sacred and the profane co-exist and are essential to truth in art.”

I enjoyed meeting two of Lynch’s Twin Peaks cast members at the party – Ray Wise and Lara Flynn Boyle, with Wise saying the experience “was the high point of my career,” and Boyle beaming, “It was pretty cool to be on the cover of Rolling Stone.” Guests enjoyed picture taking in a fun photo booth throughout the evening, which has proved to be a standard for this event, and a lively, talented band, another Art of Dining must-have, concluded the evening. This group loves to dance! Net proceeds, which were not determined at this time, were reported to benefit OCMA’s acclaimed exhibition program and its free school programs.

There’s nothing better than an evening of good food and wine and meeting an interesting, compelling artist. Kudos to OCMA for selecting Lynch.