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IMG_3158My friend Bill Peters is an immensely talented actor! Not only is he an executive with Louis Vuitton at South Coast Plaza, but he loves the theater and has been practicing his craft his whole life. I found out about his talent over a year ago when he invited me to attend a two-man play he was in at the Cabrillo Playhouse in San Clemente. The play was called Greater Tuna, and portrayed life in a small Texas town called Tuna. Peters and fellow actor Robert Purcell, Arles and Thurston, respectively in the play, portrayed two guys giving out the latest Tuna news on the town’s local radio station and then ducking behind walls to become one of the zany characters they were talking about. It was a hilarious spoof on everyday life. The second play, A Tuna Christmas, saw the two actors return as the same radio guys, this time choreographing the interaction of more than 20 of the town’s characters of all ages and genders. And, I must tell you, Bill was simply brilliant! He was a cowboy, a chatty waitress, a crazy sister, a smooth-talking mother, a paranoid Tuna resident who was vying for the Best Tuna Christmas Decorations award, an arms dealer, a whaco brother, and more – all the time spitting out a Texas accent you could cut with butter. I could see that Bill was really at home on the stage. Looking at the program and Bill’s credits, I also saw that he had previously worked extensively at Long Beach Playhouse, as well as theaters in Orange County. Originally from Ohio, other credits include Mozart in Amadeus, Prince Hal in Henry IV and Valmont in Les Liasions Dangereuses. I must say I was impressed and left the theater that night in total awe of Bill. Congratulations, my friend, you are living your passion!

I would be remiss if I didn’t credit the comedy’s creators, Jaston Williams, Joe Sears and Ed Howard, and director Marcelo Sandoval for guaranteeing an entertaining evening filled with wit and laughter.

Psst…just talked with Bill and another Tuna play is coming down the pike. For all you Bill lovers, Red, White & Tuna will be this coming just in time for July 4th at Cabrillo Playhouse. See you there!