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Donna Bunce with Tracy and Roger Kirwan - Steve Dawson IMG_7498The Ambassador Club was launched at a dinner at the Center Club in Costa Mesa honoring the people who have made significant financial contributions to Segerstrom Center for the Arts through their support of The All-Guilds annual fundraiser.

Those recognized at the dinner who have raised more than $1 million for the Center through the All-Guilds’ fundraiser included the Argyros Foundation, Black, Starr & Frost, Deborah & Larry Bridges, Mary & Richard Cramer, Gail & Jim Daniels, Kathy & Cliff Fleming, Margaret & Tom Larkin, Lugano Diamonds, Marilyn McCorkle, Eve Ruffatto, Bev & Rob Sandelman, C.J. Segerstrom & Sons, Smith Walker Foundation, South Coast Helicopter, South Coast Plaza, and Deloris & Norbert St. John.

The past seven years, The Guilds has honored at its annual fundraiser a number of women who are passionate about the Center. They have included Elizabeth Segerstrom (2007), Julia Argyros (2008), Carol Wilken (2009), Sandy Segerstrom Daniels (2010), Zee Allred (2011), and Susan Strader (2012). This year’s honoree at the All-Guilds’ 18th annual benefit scheduled for April 23rd was introduced at the Ambassador Club dinner, and for the first time, a couple was selected as the Guilds’ honoree, Roger & Tracy Kirwan. Together with Roger’s long tenure on the Center board, including serving as its chairman, and Tracy’s membership in the Guilds’ Sound of Music Chapter, where she served on its board as chapter chair and twice as gala chair, the honor was well deserved and much appreciated by the exemplary couple.

Guilds’ Chair Marilyn McCorkle acknowledged the dinner and benefit co-chairs – Niki Strate, Bev Sandelman and Patty Lance, as well as the Center staff for their invaluable assistance, while both Center Board Chair Larry Higby and Center President Terry Dwyer lauded the Guilds’ amazing success story. “The Guilds’ network is invaluable to the Center,” Higby stated.

McCorkle closed the evening with a little tongue-in-cheek humor, saying, “We hope all of you, ‘our big wheels,’ will join us for our “Bet on the Wheels” casino night in April.”

Photos: Steve Dawson