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I’ve been a member of Trinity United Presbyterian Church in Santa Ana for many years, but I’d never attended one of the church’s rock ‘n’ roll concerts until last weekend. I found that Senior Pastor Doug Rumford is a true rock ‘n’ roller. He and other church members, all part of the Edsels band, entertained a packed crowd in the church’s Fellowship Hall. The band included on guitar Pastor Doug, Rodger CareyTim Austin, and Phil Pacier on bass and trumpet (loved his rendition of Herb Alpert’s The Lonely Bull)Yasmin Wevers on  percussion (is she good!), and David Garrett on keyboard. They all sang solos and are members of Trinity’s Praise Band except for the drummer. There was also a contingent of back-up singers called the Rhynertones – choir members Mary Hill, her daughter Allison Hill and John Rhynerson. All three soloed as well throughout the night, and their spoof on Sly and The Family Stones’ Everyday People was hysterical!

How could you not love those old rock ‘n’ roll songs? Do you remember Build Me Up Buttercup? Trinity staff members Derek Rishmawy, Katie Quesada, Caroline Elias, and Chris Watkins were a riot singing it with lead singer and Associate Pastor Jeff Wagner. Their wigs were too funny! Putting a very decent spin on ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” were music staff heads Hanan Yaqub, Fran Johnston and Sandy Rosales, while Chancel Choir member Tim Davis, dressed like one of the Temptations, sang a smooth-as-silk rendition of Always and Forever. Praise Band leader Dan Rigall was a standout singing the Beach Boys’ Fun, Fun, Fun in his letterman jacket, and Pastor Doug’s My Girl solo for his wife Sarah brought down the house. Rodger Carey’s two-year-old grandson Noah was darling as he kept his eye on his granddad, dancing to the beat the whole time. He wasn’t the only one dancing. Every age, from Noah to the ‘white-hairs’ were on the dance floor. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the real, honest-to-goodness Edsel automobiles parked out front, courtesy of the Southland Edsels Owner’s Club. The cars, only around from 1958 to 1960, were spit-polished and ready to drive! And, finally, how about those ice cream sandwiches and 50-50 bars for dessert?!